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Planning Approval for Garden Plot in Bookham

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Nye Saunders are thrilled to have recently secured planning consent for our longstanding client Latchmere Properties to enable them to build a detached house on a garden plot in Bookham.

As is often the case, a development for a single house presented as many challenges as for a much larger project. We initially provided our client with a site feasibility study, to assess the development opportunities and constraints, which gave them the confidence to acquire the site. The brief called for a traditional house style, which we embraced and designed a house which reflects the local character while ensuring that the amenities of the neighbouring houses are not adversely affected.

During the course of the planning application we worked closely with the planning officer, addressing many detailed queries to arrive at a recommendation for approval. The final hurdle was to speak in support of our application at the planning committee meeting, which granted approval.

We are looking forward to getting this house built to our and Latchmere’s usual high standards.

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