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Replacement Ancillary Barn in Grounds of Converted Listed Mill 🏡

Often, achieving a successful outcome for a client can be challenging 🤔. Here at Nye Saunders, we are always ready and determined to accept these challenges, solve our clients’ problems and transform their dreams into reality.


With this project, the need to establish lawful use of an existing building as residential accommodation and the fact that the site was in a high risk flood zone presented just such a challenge.


👏We are thrilled however, in collaboration with Geoff Douglass of Pelham Planning, that consent has been granted for our clients to demolish their existing residential annexe ancillary to a Grade II listed converted mill building in West Sussex and replace it with new accommodation.  This will be raised above the maximum predicted flood levels so that it can act as emergency refuge accommodation to the main dwelling at a time of flood.


If you have a challenging project in mind, drop us a line to see how we can help.


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