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At Nye Saunders we have a wide range of clients, from private homeowners right through to very experienced developers and commercial organisations.  We offer a fully flexible service to all our clients - we can deliver the full works, overseeing the project from conception all the way through to handover, though some clients may prefer to handle elements of the process themselves – so we provide a level of service tailored to your individual needs.

We understand that those clients who might be about to embark on their first ever construction project may be feeling slightly daunted by the process. At Nye Saunders we have a vast amount of knowledge and experience so are here to support you throughout this exciting venture and this short guide has been designed to provide an overview of what to expect along the way…




... fully understanding your vision



In the first instance we want to fully understand exactly what you are looking to achieve and will spend time getting to know all about your goals and aspirations for the building together, with any practical considerations.


After we have a full understanding of your brief and how much involvement you need from us then we will provide you with a fee proposal.

Once appointed we will then start working on the detail in order to get initial plans ready to submit for planning consent.  

Click here for further details on the briefing stage.

... working to get you the best possible result



We have vast experience in planning applications and pride ourselves on our ability to obtain consent, even on projects that would not typically gain approval – we have been known to achieve the impossible at times. However, if we think there is no chance at all of gaining planning consent then we will be completely honest with you.

We will develop initial designs for a pre-application to the Local Authority in order to get their feedback as to whether planning is likely to be granted, or if amends to the design need to be made.

Final designs and drawings are then submitted, together with relevant statements and we liaise directly with the planning officer in order to deal with any issues if they should arise - we have an excellent track record for successfully gaining planning permission.

Click here for further details on the planning stage.

... developing the drawings whilst meeting Building Regulations



Once planning permission has been granted there may be some conditions attached which we will either apply to have discharged or will work with relevant consultants in order to ensure the conditions are met in the drawing instructions.

Detailed specifications including technical elements of the construction are then developed to be submitted to Building Control for approval.


... getting costs and selecting a contractor



We then create further technical drawings that also include specific information relating to fixtures and fittings in order for potential contractors to accurately price the work. We can advise on suitable contractors and will work with you to compare the quotes and select the most appropriate builder.


... managing the construction process on site



The exciting part now begins as work commences on site.  We offer a full service of managing the project through to completion and will undertake site inspections and manage all elements of Contact Administration.


Depending on the complexity of the project, the support of additional specialist services maybe required at various stages of the process.

We are here to advise if this is appropriate - click here to find out more.

Click here for details on additional consultants.


For more information, please contact us for an informal initial chat.

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