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Some projects are relatively straight-forward, but others can be more complex and could potentially benefit from the support of specialist services as detailed below.

We have plenty of experience in working together with consultants so are well placed to advise on the most appropriate and efficient consultants to meet your requirements.


Topographical Survey - measured survey of the property to identify and map the contours of the ground and existing features

Ecology Survey - assessment of how the proposed development could impact on habitats and species that are present at the site

Tree Survey - accurate assessment of the impact of trees on the property

Highways Consultant - provide advice on any issues relating to access advice and traffic management

Flood Risk Consultant - to provide assessment on the risk of flooding

Change of Use Documentation - required if a building is changing use eg. from commercial to residential

Planning Consultant - we have a vast amount of planning experience in-house so don’t often require the services of planning consultants, but their expertise is occasionally required on particularly complicated planning applications.

Structural Engineer – technical calculations of the stability, strength and rigidity of the building

Quantity Surveyor - to assist with managing construction costs and contractor contracts.

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