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SiOO:X treated wood cladding to accelerate the aging process is being installed on site

We are very excited that the SiOO:X treated wood which provides a consistently weathered appearance at an accelerated rate, has now arrived on site and is currently being installed at our project in Guildford.

Supplied via Russwood, SiOO:X is a Swedish timber impregnation system which utilises revolutionary silicate technology, enabling wooden facades to take on an even, silver, weathered look within months rather than years. As the product cures, the formation of the silica network diffracts light which gives the treated timber a silvery grey, driftwood-like appearance.

The usual natural weathering process is dependent on sunlight and rainfall which turns the timber grey over time. The location and design of the building can affect how quickly this process will happen and more exposed areas can weather very quickly, whereas more sheltered or protected areas can take longer to change colour.

SiOO:X treated wood cures by reacting with atmospheric carbon dioxide and moisture to form an insoluble and flexible silica network (a glass like deposit) within the timber surface. As mineral silicate cures it will start to turn the timber a beautifully even silver/greyish tone within 10-16 weeks, resulting in a consistently weathered appearance that is not reliant on sunlight. The formation of this silica network also toughens the surface of the timber and forms an effective barrier against insect attack and rot.

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