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Selecting the Right Architect for your Project

You’ve bought the right house in the perfect location, but it needs work to bring it up to scratch – you need an architect – but how do you choose the right one?

Have you found an architect? – the use of the title architect is protected, so check that the person you believe to be an architect is on the Architects Registration Board (ARB) list of architects ( as only an architect will have had the seven years of education and practical experience needed to qualify, backed up by professional indemnity insurance.

If you can, it’s always best to go on personal recommendation. Ask friends and family who have undertaken similar projects for their recommendations.

Local knowledge. A local architect who has experience with the local planning authority where your property is located is likely to have a better working relationship with the planning officers and be able to negotiate a better result than someone who has never worked in the area. It’s worth asking your prospective architect what their experience is of working with your particular local authority.

Do you like their work? Some architects have a particular style, and you may wish to choose on the basis of examples of past work that you like. Many architects have web-sites showing examples of their work which can inspire your choice. Be aware that a lot of computer generated images might suggest a lack of real world experience.

Suitable experience – it is usually best to find an architect who has experience with your type of project – an architect skilled in designing football stadiums might not be ideal for designing your new house. If you are seeking an architect to look after your project from the brief right through to handover, make sure they offer the full service as not all architects do. If your house is a listed building, it is important to find an architect with experience of working with historic buildings – the RIBA and AABC have registers of appropriately experienced conservation architects.

If you have a project in mind and would like to speak to an architect, do get in touch with Nye Saunders Ltd for a free initial telephone consultation.

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