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Constructive Criticism with Cake!

It wasn’t a typical day at Nye Saunders Architects this week, as our newest team member, Michael Kaczmarczyk, presented his university project to the rest of the team using delicious homemade cake😉 as a strong opening gambit!


The team were taken on a fantastic journey through his unusual development in Covent Garden, the project being based on a fictional story following two characters through theatrically architectural arrangements for interiors, basement and roof space in the Royal Opera House and surrounding areas.


The aim of Michael’s project is to explore how ‘invisible’ architectural interventions can enhance and modernise historical spaces without having a negative impact on heritage sites.


The presentation sparked a heated discussion as it relates to our Practice’s interest  and expertise in heritage buildings and the challenges we face when it comes to their modernisation, energy performance, maintenance, and users’ needs.


The session was enriching (and very tasty!) and we look forward to more events like this.


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