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Expert Advice on Listed & Historic Properties

Fallen in love with a large, listed house but uncertain how to make it a home?

Scared of getting it wrong?

Worried about the planning and listed building consent process?

Uncertain if your plans are even possible?

Why not draw on expert advice from an historic buildings specialist who will tell you what you need to know, not just what you want to hear?

Buying a large, listed or historic property should be exciting, but can feel complex and frustrating. Richard Sloman of Nye Saunders Ltd Chartered Architects can help you go from uncertainty and inaction to having the house of your dreams with his specialist knowledge of historic buildings, proven systems and relationships with local Conservation Officers.

Image of beautiful kitchen in listed building

To obtain our free ‘Six Listed Building Myths Busted’ fact sheet and apply for an initial 20 minute call to discuss your project call 01483 418600 or email us at If you are looking for inspiration have a wander around our website to see some of our finished projects.

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