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Getting costs and selecting a contractor

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Step 6... getting costs and selecting a contractor

We have access to benchmark costings at square metre rates so from your brief we may have given you some indicative figures for your project in the early stages. However, once the planning permission has been granted, and the technical drawings created which also include specific information relating to fixtures and fittings, it is now time to get more accurate costs and decide on a suitable contractor.

The technical drawings are used to create detailed tender documents for potential contractors to accurately price the work. They may include co-ordinating individual design details such as staircases, kitchen and bathroom designs, bespoke lighting solutions and landscaping, together with the functional elements such as electrical, mechanical, materials and fabric requirements, and may also involve other consultants such as structural engineer, landscape architect, mechanical and electrical engineer, interior designer etc.

On some projects we may advise on the appointment of a Quantity Surveyor in order to provide a detailed assessment of the materials you will require and provide a detailed and accurate analysis of the costs of the project to ensure that best value is achieved.

We can manage the entire tender process, advising on suitable contractors and will work with you to compare the quotes and provide advice on appointing an appropriate builder. We have experience of working with many different contractors over the years and can provide a unique insight into the reality of the bids and ensure that all factors are considered, and that the final decision is not just cost based.

Next week we get to the most the exciting stage… the build.

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