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Working to get you the best possible result

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Following on from our post last week regarding understanding your vision, the next stage in the construction process is...

Step 2… working to get you the best possible result

There is no such thing as a standard process when it comes to obtaining planning consent. It is very much dependent on a variety of factors, depending on what you are looking to achieve. At Nye Saunders we will always provide a tailored approach to planning and will look carefully at the overall situation in order to develop a planning strategy dependent on your individual circumstances.

There are many aspects to consider and some situations may mean that you do not even require planning consent if the building work can be carried out under permitted development, which can save you a great deal of time and money.

It is also very important to understand whether your house is listed, or in a Conservation Area, National Park, Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty or any other planning designation, as this will have a large effect on what you can or can’t achieve.

In some circumstances we may need to explore an alternative ‘out of the box’ plan or develop a clever staged strategic approach in order to maximise the potential of your development.

We have vast experience in making planning applications and pride ourselves on our ability to obtain consent, even on projects that would not typically gain approval – we have been known to achieve the impossible at times. However, if at this stage we think there is no chance at all of gaining planning consent then we will be completely honest in order to avoid you making any unnecessary investments.

If you would like to discuss the planning process in more detail please get in touch… and look out for our Idiots Guide to Planning which will be available to download soon.

Next week… we’ll be taking a closer look at the pre-application phase.

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