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New Inspecting Architect

At Nye Saunders, we're proud to have a long and rich history of caring for local Churches. We understand the importance of these buildings to the community, not just as places of worship but also as historical and cultural landmarks.

As part of our role, we undertake the required 5-yearly inspections of these buildings to ensure their safety and longevity. We're thrilled to announce that one of our architects, Dan Burton, has recently been approved to join the Guildford Diocese list of Inspecting Architects.

Dan will be joining our three Directors, Mike Staff, Richard Sloman, and Adam Hieke, who are all Guildford Diocese approved Inspecting Architects. This accreditation recognises our team's expertise and experience in assessing the condition of these important buildings and ensuring they are fit for purpose.

We're excited to see Dan undertake his first inspection soon, and wish him the best of luck as he ascends the heights and delves the depths of these wonderful buildings.

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