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Karen Lee joins the team at Nye Saunders

The team at Nye Saunders is going from strength to strength as we are delighted to welcome another new member.

Karen studied both her Architecture Degree and Master’s Degree at Portsmouth University. After obtaining her undergraduate degree in 2012, she spent a few years working in both surveyor and architectural practices in Hong Kong.

Karen believes great architecture should not only be aesthetic and functional, but also take into account the experiences that the buildings deliver to the users and visitors. Prior to joining Nye Saunders, she worked in other local practices and is continuing to expand her depth of knowledge and experience in the industry in preparation for her part 3 qualification in the near future.

Outside of work, Karen enjoys travelling and being out in nature. On summer weekends, you might find her staying outdoors detailing her car and testing out car valet products.

Karen has already settled in and is proving to be a great new addition to the team.

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