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Submitting final designs

Step 5… submitting final designs

Once the final designs and drawings are signed-off they are submitted to the Local Planning Authority, together with any relevant supporting statements, and we liaise directly with the planning officer in order to deal with any issues if they should arise.

Once planning permission is obtained the design and development does not stop. The main form will be fixed by the planning drawings and what has been approved, but we then start to work on the technical drawings where more detail is added. There may have been some conditions attached to the consent which we will either apply to have discharged or will work with relevant consultants in order to ensure the conditions are met in the drawing instructions.

Detailed specifications including technical elements of the construction are then developed to be submitted to Building Control for approval.

Discussions continue throughout the project, right up to completion as we work through the various decisions which need to be made to ensure the best results are achieved. If required, we can also provide material samples, and details on elements such as stairs and bathrooms.

Next week we will be discussing costs and selecting the appropriate contractor.

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