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Extension to Large Victorian Country House, Outside Cranleigh, Surrey

Nye Saunders recently obtained permission from Waverley Borough Council for a single storey extension to a late Victorian property in Cranleigh in an area designated as ‘countryside beyond the Green Belt’.

Internally, the property was very much a product of its Victorian heritage and the lifestyle of the traditional middle/upper class original owners dictating the rather ‘hidden’ and disconnected nature of the kitchen space.

Contemporary living has evolved, and the kitchen has very much become the heart of a modern home and often a space where families spend much of their time and entertain guests.

Connecting a re-imagined kitchen space to the outside was a natural next step and we are delighted for our clients as this consent will allow them to re-shape their family home and make it fit for purpose for many years to come.

The design had numerous challenges, including the need to preserve the outlook from existing first floor windows. This automatically negated the ability to opt for pitched roofs. At the same time the more rustic arts and crafts style found on adjacent outbuildings, was thought to clash too much with the simple late Victorian architectural style of the main house with its painted joinery. The appropriate design style was therefore concluded to be a flat roofed orangery with simple moulded painted joinery and detailing which is felt to harmonise with the existing without adding to much in the way of mass or bulk.

If you are considering a similar project, give us a call.

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