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Extension & Alterations to a Property near Grayshott

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Nye Saunders Ltd are pleased to announce that we have recently overseen the completion of an extension and alteration project at a property near Grayshott.

Our clients were keen to address the lack of continuity in their home resulting from a mixture of previous alterations, which was successfully achieved using a consistency of materials and form across the new design, giving the completed project the feel and look of a new build.

As the house is located within the Green Belt, high quality design and careful consideration were essential to ensure compliance with planning restrictions whilst maximising the desired increase in area.

The completed project has a traditional look and feel yet incorporates modern elements such as a double height glazed entrance area and glass gable rear elevations which showcase amazing views of this property’s fantastic garden.

We look forward to featuring this project on our website early in the new year once it has been professionally photographed, but the images below provide a glimpse of the high quality work undertaken by contractors PWJ Whitmarsh to transform the original house into the finished project.

If you would like to discuss a similar project, do contact us for an initial consultation.

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