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The design process

So far in this guide to the construction process we have mainly been focussing on the practical & planning elements of the process. So, this week we are getting creative…

Step 4… the design process

This step is in fact a process in its own right, it goes hand in hand with the planning process right from the very beginning when we meet to understand your vision.

Once we have a full understanding of what you would like to achieve, the first stage of the design process is to work out if it is feasible and how it will fit on the site. Before starting any design work we would undertake relevant research to find out what could affect your project and the design you are looking to achieve. We would often arrange to conduct a survey, which would then form the base of the designs and enable us to develop a feasibility study and massing sketches in order to demonstrate the various influences on the site.

Next, we would look to establish the style, looks and architecture of the scheme. Often this can be best achieved by reviewing images of property styles as we find that everyone has different views on design – this is often most evident in modern design where opinions on what is considered modern can vary greatly. Sometimes the style you want to achieve might not be appropriate due to the surroundings and planning restrictions, and so we will make suggestions and recommendations in order to establish a design style that works for you, the site and its surroundings – and importantly gives you the best chance of passing planning approval.

We then start work on pulling all of the design elements together to develop the detailed plans. We like to provide ‘loaded drawings’ showing how furniture and fittings might fit into each room to give it a sense of scale. These plans, together with the elevation drawings, form the basis of further discussions in order to ensure the project is delivering what you are expecting and to iron out any issues. If required, 3D work can also be provided in order to help you visualise the finished project.

At the end of this phase we would then be ready to submit the signed off design to planning.

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