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Managing the construction process on site

Step 7… managing the construction process on site

The most exciting part now begins… once a contractor is appointed work can commence on site and you can start to see your new home come to life. Our usual service is to administer the building contract through to completion in order to help remove any project management stress from yourselves during the build.

As we have been working closely with you to get the project to this stage, we obviously know exactly what the finished build should look like. So, during this time we are on hand to make sure the vision is interpreted correctly and that the finished house is built as intended in the drawings.

During this phase we administer your contract with the builder, carry out regular inspections, deal with queries, instruct any additional work required, monitor progress on site, keep track of cost, value the works and certify payments due to the builder. Our input is often invaluable at this time as we are fully experienced at dealing with any on site issues that may occur and ensure they are handled with minimum stress.

After handover and at the end of a defects period we would work with you to identify any snags and arrange to have these made good before signing off the final payment to the builder.

Finally, at the end of the journey all that is left to do now is for you to move in and start enjoying your beautiful new home.

If you have any plans in 2020 to either build a new home or extend your existing house, then get in touch with us for an informal initial chat to talk through the possibilities.

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