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Congratulations to Lauren on Completing her MSc

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Many congratulations to our Architectural Technologist, Lauren, on gaining a Merit overall in her Conservation of Historic Buildings MSc from the University of Bath following the submission of her dissertation. The Nye Saunders team are very proud of her wonderful achievement!

The Master’s degree included units on Structural Conservation, Conservation Legislation, History & Theory, Materials and Construction skills.

The course predominantly consisted of seminars led by industry professionals, but also offered many opportunities to visit a range of historic buildings with varied functions. Lauren gained experience of specific methods and construction skills in practice and their long-term benefits (or in some cases how they ended up being a detriment!) and witnessed different conservation strategies put in place to protect buildings without impacting their historical significance.

As an Architectural Technologist with Nye Saunders, Lauren is involved in a number of projects within the Practice involving historic buildings, both listed and unlisted. Her role includes the production of drawings from planning to full working drawings as well as specific construction details. She is also involved in the preparation of specialised documentation required to obtain Listed Building Consent, including Statements of Significance and Schedules of Amendments analysing the proposals in relation to their impact on the historical importance and character of the building.

Lauren is keen to continue with her passion for historic buildings and become qualified as a conservation specialist member of the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists and we are sure she will excel at this too!

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