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Adding the Wow Factor

Are you looking to build your dream home but need expert help to inspire you? Does your present property lack the wow factor? Are you missing that glorious statement of welcome and grandeur that would reflect your personal style and taste? Are there overlooked opportunities to transform the look of your current residence and add an extra touch of elegance and luxury?

At Nye Saunders, our skilled staff carefully consider each individual element when designing a new home or refurbishing an existing property, particularly those that would not ordinarily spring to our clients' minds as a focus feature.

For example, an often undervalued item is the staircase. Rather than simply connecting the upper and lower floors of your property, an exquisitely designed staircase can offer the chance to revitalise and modernise your living space, giving that wow factor on entering. It can also provide a lavish vantage point to appreciate the breathtaking views surrounding you.

Whilst creating exceptional visions of our clients’ dream homes, Nye Saunders have imagined and designed many staircases, in a range of styles and materials to add that wow factor. Maybe we can do the same for you.

Below is an image of one of our more contemporary designs. Take a look around our website to see other examples of our work.

beautiful grand staircase in luxury home


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