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Social Housing in Woking

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Nye Saunders are thrilled to have gained planning permission on behalf of Woking Borough Council for the construction of a social housing scheme comprising 7 units on a disused garage site. The site itself had become dilapidated and was an eye sore, having been the subject of several failed planning applications prior to Nye Saunders’ appointment.

Located on the edge of the Hoe Valley Linear Park just behind the flood defence wall, the site is accessed along a narrow side lane and is surrounded by high quality trees and important habitats for the local flora and fauna. These factors made development and design challenging but by working closely with specialist consultants, reviewing the previous schemes’ failings and discussions with the planning department, Nye Saunders were able to achieve planning consent on their first attempt.

The scheme itself is elevated out of the flood zone and over the flood wall with a change in level across the floor plans which is accounted for with a central stair core. The development consists predominately of duplex units which provide more suitable family accommodation than the single storey flat arrangements.

The building is a mixture of textured aluminium cladding and brick in a modern style with the aluminium clad boxes protruding from the brick to give depth and interest to the elevations.

Our design team members were:

Perega Structural Engineers

MLM Consulting Ltd Drainage Engineers (now Sweco)

Stantec - Flood Risk Assessment

Transportation Planning Partnership Ltd

HB Surveys Ltd

ACS (Trees) Consulting –

Brindle & Green Ecology

Dee Solutions - Energy Statement

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