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Liss, Hampshire

Nye Saunders and Neame Sutton Consultants obtained planning permission and produced working drawings for a contemporary new dwelling located in Hillbrow, Hampshire in the South Downs National Park. The site was located in an area subject to a blanket restriction against backland development and several applications submitted by other architects had been refused in the past.  The only remaining route to obtaining planning permission on this parcel of land was to create a design which qualified as an “exceptional piece of architecture” and this was the brief handed to Nye Saunders when they were engaged as Architects and Lead Designers.  We successful delivered this brief and obtained the Local Authority’s support for the application due to the design’s sympathetic response to the landscape and its architectural quality.


The concept of the design was to create a new landscape that flows over the site with the proposed dwelling becoming the space between and under this. The recreation of a new landscape was achieved using a green roof that picks up the levels to the northeast of the site’s boundary and is raised in areas to create dramatic internal spaces whilst also falling back into the landscape. Steps in the floorplate will allow the building to become more embedded into the topography. The undulating zig zag green roof and external envelope were formed in timber frame and glue laminated beams were used which creating many challenges to overcome in the construction process.


The house was built by a developer but retained as their own personal dwelling and was constructed within a tight budget. Having now moved into the property, the client has been able to stamp his own identity on it through his choice of internal finishes.

Photo credit Laura Kelly:

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