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Godalming, Nye Saunders
Godalming, Nye Saunders


Godalming, Surrey

This tricky site, a former row of three garages located in a residential part of Godalming, had before Nye Saunders were appointed, had several applications for conversion to a single dwelling refused (and also refused at appeal). Our client having subsequently bought this rather tight site at auction, Nye Saunders were able to obtain planning permission in the first instance for a single bed dwelling and then later on for a two-bed property. By using the additional freedom and fluidity that contemporary architecture can bring and carefully reviewing the previous failed planning applications, we were able to solve the issues raised during planning.


The scheme now has large skylights and roof terraces with vegetation screening, all of which provide both amenity space and privacy. The modern form makes reference to the angles of the neighbouring plot’s roof and gives architectural expression to this corner plot. The building will be constructed with a timber frame first floor with sustainability being a key driver to the design and will use treated Siberian larch, cement render and aluminium cladding.


Nye Saunders have also been employed to undertake the working drawings and the project is set to start work on site in 2019.

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