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Daniel Burton, Nye Saunders

 BA (Hons.), M.Arch [Dist.]

Daniel Burton 


With an appreciation of art and logic, architecture was a natural choice for Dan, who studied at Portsmouth University before joining us at Nye Saunders in 2015. He was appointed to the role of Associate Architect in 2022 and is one of our four Inspecting Architects.

Dan is based in our Oxfordshire office and enjoys the range of projects he gets involved in. Instead of doing the same old designs month in and month out, he can get involved in an incredible variety of projects, including church inspections, new builds, and listed buildings.

Being inspired by Louis Sullivan's idea of ‘form follows function’ means Dan works hard to ensure his designs are efficient, beautiful and cost-effective. Given the chance, he’d like to get involved in more community-based projects.


Outside of office hours, Dan is kept busy by his young family but enjoys getting out for a run and taking part in his local parkrun as often as he can.


A sustainably built home with a traditional aesthetic and contemporary twists in a rural countryside setting that’s within stumbling distance from the local pub.


A modest garage conversion that the client loved – they were quite emotional at how much this small change had improved their lives.

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