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Joe Allan

Part 1 Architectural Assistant

Joe took a circuitous route into architecture, having tried his hand at acting and directing before working as a sales manager in a large department store chain. It was the building that Joe worked in as a sales manager that sparked his interest in architecture, and upon being made redundant, he began his new career, starting his degree at Portsmouth.

Joe loves the mix of creativity and logic involved in architecture and the way it draws on so many aspects – history, art, science and literature – while also focusing on how people and buildings connect emotionally and practically.

When not working, Joe enjoys meeting friends, strolling along the coast and catching up with the latest film at the cinema. He uses his graphic design skills to support a local amateur dramatic group and is looking forward to treading the boards again once his studies are complete.


A cosy little cottage in the Scottish Highlands, with nothing more than the company of beautiful views and some highland cows.


Maggie Centre portfolio project, Portsmouth.

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